Aster mandala pattern

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Aster mandala

Yarn: Scheepjes Catona in 3 colors
Hook-size: 3.0 mm Clover Amour
: 16 cm after blocking

Good to know
  • Total number of stitches between (-) at the end of the rounds.
  • First stitch of the round can be made as a standing stitch or with chains; ch1 = sc, ch2 = hdc, ch3 = dc.
  • Close each round with an invisible join or a slst in first st, if nothing else is told. 
  • Beginning dc3tog is made with ch2 and dc2tog in the same st.
Abbreviations US

st/sts – stitch/stitches
slst – slip-stitch
ch – chain
chsp – chain-space
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
BLO – back loops only
fpdc – front post double crochet
fptr – front post treble crochet
pic – picot; ch3, slst in first ch
dc3tog – double crochet 3 together in the same chsp/st

 – puffstitch; *yarn over, place hook in given stitch, pull yarn back through the stitch and up to the height of a dc* repeat *-* until you have 9 loops on the hook, yarn over, pull through all loops. Ch1 to close (ch1 does NOT count as a stitch

 – repeat around
(-) – made in the same chsp/stitch

Color scheme

Color 1 – yellow (color number 101)
Color 2 – pink (color number 518)
Color 3 – purple (color number 282)


1. (Color 1). 12 dc in a magic ring. (12 dc)

2. *1 sc, ch3*. (12 sc, 12 ch3-sp)

3. (Color 2). Begin in a chsp.
*dc3tog in chsp, ch1, 1 fptr around sc on previous round, ch1*.
(12 dc3tog, 12 fptr, 24 ch1-sp)

4. (Color 3). Begin in ch1-sp before dc3tog.
*2 dc in ch1-sp, fpdc around dc3tog, 1 dc in ch1-sp, skip fptr*.
(36 dc, 12 fpdc)

5. In BLO. 1 sc in each st around. (48 sc)

6. (Color 1). Begin in any st.
*1 sc, ch3, skip 1 st*.
(24 sc, 24 ch3-sp)

7. (Color 2). Begin in a chsp.
*(puff, ch1, puff) in chsp, ch1, skip sc, 1 dc in next ch3-sp, ch1, skip sc*.
(24 puff, 12 dc, 36 ch1-sp)

8. (Color 3). Begin in chsp after 1 dc.                                                                   
*1 sc in chsp, skip puff, 5 dc in chsp between 2 puff’s, skip puff, 1 sc in next chsp, 1 sc in dc*.
(12 x 5 dc, 36 sc)

9. (Color 1). Begin in first sc of three.
*1 sc in BLO, 1 fpdc around dc on round 7, 1 sc in BLO, ch2, skip 2 sts, (1 sc, 1 pic, 1 sc) in next st (3rd dc of 5), ch2, skip 2 sts*.
(12 pic, 48 sc, 12 fpdc, 24 ch2-sp)

Cut yarn, secure ends. I recommend you block your mandala for the best result.

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